Homemade Baby Cereals using baby blender

Prices are going up for everything so why not try saving on by making our own cereals? In the presence of food processors and blenders, cereals can easily be made at home. Even the spice blender can make it possible for making cereals in batches. You have to take some precautions while making baby cereals as babies’ digestive systems are ultra sensitive:

  • Try to use clean utensils;
  • Keep washing your hands during the work;
  • Do not leave anything outside fridge if there are any leftovers; and
  • Do not save the cereal if is touched by a used spoon.

Cereals are the first solid foods introduced to babies with rice cereals being the initial food generally. They can be purchased from the market; a number of brands are there but simultaneously with the help of a blender it can be made at home. You must have white or brown rice, and whiz it in blender till you get it powdery. Once powdery materials are there then mix it with a cup of boiled water and cook for 10 minutes with low heat. You can even use a baby food blender for this purpose and best baby food blender reviews 2019 – buyer’s guide (Updated) for further information on baby food blenders.

You have to constantly stir it while it cooks to keep it from being lumpy and once it is cooked, wait to let it cool. You may add water or breast milk if your cereal is too thick and get the desired consistency. You can then give it to your baby, a small quantity from the bowl at a time and keep the rest for the other day or time. This can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Similarly, oatmeal cereals can be made at home with oatmeal but just keep in mind you have to buy regular oatmeal and not the quick-cook oatmeal. In addition to this, follow the same procedure for barley cereal as for oatmeal and rice cereals. When you make baby cereals at home, then you are not doubtful about the food being hygienic, pure, and clean. This does not cost you much and gives you personal satisfaction as you would be feeding the best to your baby.

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