Homemade Baby Cereals using baby blender

Prices are going up for everything so why not try saving on by making our own cereals? In the presence of food processors and blenders, cereals can easily be made at home. Even the spice blender can make it possible for making cereals in batches. You have to take some precautions while making baby cereals as babies’ digestive systems are ultra sensitive:

  • Try to use clean utensils;
  • Keep washing your hands during the work;
  • Do not leave anything outside fridge if there are any leftovers; and
  • Do not save the cereal if is touched by a used spoon.

Cereals are the first solid foods introduced to babies with rice cereals being the initial food generally. They can be purchased from the market; a number of brands are there but simultaneously with the help of a blender it can be made at home. You must have white or brown rice, and whiz it in blender till you get it powdery. Once powdery materials are there then mix it with a cup of boiled water and cook for 10 minutes with low heat. You can even use a baby food blender for this purpose and best baby food blender reviews 2019 – buyer’s guide (Updated) for further information on baby food blenders.

You have to constantly stir it while it cooks to keep it from being lumpy and once it is cooked, wait to let it cool. You may add water or breast milk if your cereal is too thick and get the desired consistency. You can then give it to your baby, a small quantity from the bowl at a time and keep the rest for the other day or time. This can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Similarly, oatmeal cereals can be made at home with oatmeal but just keep in mind you have to buy regular oatmeal and not the quick-cook oatmeal. In addition to this, follow the same procedure for barley cereal as for oatmeal and rice cereals. When you make baby cereals at home, then you are not doubtful about the food being hygienic, pure, and clean. This does not cost you much and gives you personal satisfaction as you would be feeding the best to your baby.

Does Purchasing a Food Processor Really Worth

Electronics and machines have replaced the manual work greatly. Men & women are dependent on these machines & electronics to do their daily routine work. electronics are used to do almost every domestic work such as washing, drying, cooking and cutting etc. electronics such as ‘Food Processors’ invented for the helping women in their kitchens. The best food processor are so amazing that they have made lives of house wives as well as working women very easy & efficient. These food processors have eradicated the manual work such as cutting, slicing, chopping, blending and grinding.

Well if you are looking for some information about these amazing food processors then this articles is all about the benefits & advantages of food processors.

Save Your Energy & Time:

Every cook whether a professional or non-professional knows how to slice & chop with the help of knife and how to grind & blend fruits & vegetables. But doing all these kitchen tasks consumes more energy and time. Food processors on the other hand are designed to do all the kitchen tasks such as slicing, dicing, chopping, grinding & blending in less time and it consumes less energy. All you have to do is put the food inside these electronic machines and push the start button.

What Makes Food Processor So Amazing?

A food processor has many incredible and amazing features that makes it very handy to use. These features of a food processor makes it ‘unique’ and ‘incredible’. The features that makes a food processor a best food processor are listed in this article.

  •  Food processor is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that can be used for cutting, slicing, grinding, and blending of vegetables.
  •  The food processor has also the feature of processing baby food in it which reduces the burden of moms.
  •  Another feature that makes this electronic kitchen item very handy and attractive is that it can be used to make different type of purees, sauces and sorbets etc.
  •  Its blades are designed for grinding bread into bread-crumbs, shredding cheese and making dough.
  •  Food processors are easy to clean and wash.
  •  It is available in different sizes and its jars and blades are removable.
  •  This kitchen tool is cost-effective.

Considerations For Buying Food Processor:

There are few thing that you should consider and check before choosing any type and style of food processor that can be found on Food Processor Hub.. These factors are important to help you choose the ‘best food processor’. Before selecting any food processor you must check its ‘safety’ measures, you must check the sharpness of its blades. If you are going to purchase a food processor then you should check the ‘locking’ systems of the machines. Another factor that counts for buying a food processor is the ‘capacity’ of processor’s jars and its bowls.

While concluding this article one must say that these food processors are very incredible and has a place in your kitchen and there is no harm in using this marvelous kitchen tool.

4 Tasty Juicer Recipes that everyone will enjoy

Do you love juices? I’m sure just about everybody loves juice but by juices we don’t mean the packaged varieties that you find in supermarkets which are loaded with sugars and preservatives. When we say juices, we mean the real fruit and vegetables juices that you extract using a juicer. The packaged juices are by no means beneficial to your health while the homemade, natural juices boost your energy level, provide you with loads of essential nutrients and are low on calorie count. Give up unhealthy drinks such as carbonated drinks and packaged juices and take up healthy, homemade juicing as a habit. To start off with a great juicing experience, you will first need a good juicer. Searching all the brands and types available in the market will tell you that cold press juicers are the best option if you want the freshest, richest and most nutritious juices out of the organic produce.

Green Juice:

Green juices are the new trendy drinks everyone seems to enjoy since they are so delicious and nutritious. Juice out 3 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1 green apple and 1 pear using your juicer. You can enjoy the drink right away refrigerate for half an hour to enjoy it chilled.  

Minty Sunshine:

This is a cool, refreshing drink in which you can add oranges, carrots, a dash of ginger, mint and ice. Add all the ingredients to the feed chute of the juicer. Peel the oranges before juicing them but be careful not to remove the white pith since it is loaded with important nutrients. Pour out the juice into a large glass and add ice.

Apple Lemonade:

You can make this mouthwatering drink in a matter of just seconds by simply juicing out 2 large golden apples and ½ a lemon. Pour it out into a glass, add ice and serve it immediately to enjoy the drink while it’s still fresh.

Beet-Ginger Juice:

If you want a healthy juice drink packed with all the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables, you should definitely try this out. To the feed tube of your juicer, add 1 orange, 3 kale leaves, 1 apple, 1 peeled carrot, 1 peeled beet and 1 inch ginger. Pour out in a glass and add ice. Serve it chilled. If you like to read more recipes, simply follow 10 best cold press juicer reviews -buyer’s guide.

These are only few of the very best recipes I wanted to share with you. You can find loads of other recipes on the internet and even make your own. Let your imagination go wild, try out different fruits and vegetable combinations and see how they turn out. If you don’t like mix fruits juices, you can also try out 1 ingredient juices and see how they turn out.