How much Effective can Massage Chair Be

Every other household in America has a massage chair installed in their homes nowadays. You will even find massage chairs in many corporate offices. The reasons for its popularity are many. You will have to use it to see just how effective it is. Many people use it to fight pains and stress but you can even sit in it simply because you want to relax after a long day of work. These chairs are not a new invention. They have been in the market since around 1980’s and are slowly replacing the masseuses and massage therapists since they are so very convenient to use. The effectiveness of massage chairs mainly depends on the performance and features that they offer but most of the good massage chairs that you will find will be just as effective as a professional massage therapist.

The use of nodes and rollers in a massage chair:

Almost all of the good massage chairs that you will find have rollers and nodes inside the chair to copy the actions that a masseuse’s hand take on your skin to produce a massage. Using different sizes and position of these rollers and nodes, the chair will be able to produce a massage just as effective as a professional massage therapist.

The use of air massage:

Many of the massage chairs will also include air cells to expand and contract with the muscles of your body to massage your muscles and produce relaxation. The air massage is also a very effective therapy to reduce your muscle pain and relieve you of much of the stress that you are experiencing.


The use of heat therapy:

Most massage chairs will also include heating pads to heat your muscles during the massage. Along with the effectiveness of the massage the heating of your muscles will also reduce your pain and speed up the recovery.

Use of zero gravity feature:

The best massage chairs will also include a very useful feature called the zero gravity feature in which your legs are elevated to the position of your heart. This position has proven to take the pressure off your spine and produce ultimate relaxation since it is the same position that is used by the astronauts of NASA when the space craft is taking off to take the pressure of the sudden changes in gravity without any trouble.

With all of these features and many of the other advanced features it is safe to say that the modern best massage chairs are just as effective or even more than a professional massage therapist. You will have to take a deeper look into the features of the massage chair that you are going to buy to be able to judge if it is going to be effective or not. Of course the poor quality massage chairs from inferior brands will not be as effective or deliver the benefits that you would expect from a good massage. Read some reviews online to find the most effective massage chair for yourself.